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sunday morning update

what a crazy storm. i should've perhaps stuck with my original forecast of 10-16" by tomorrow morning. but, totals overnight varied a lot. the airport picked up 6.5, but i'm pretty sure the observer there was asleep/smoking crack. i observed thundersnow off and on between 8:45 and 12:30, and only one instance was recorded at the airport. not cool. also, winds overnight made it exceedingly difficult to measure new snowfall. some did receive more than a foot last night, even in dane county. btw, the official storm total at the airport as of 6 a.m. is 13.5".

btw, feel free to leave a comment if you measured the snow at your place.

today is kind of a mess because temps are just above freezing. so we'll have rain/snow showers all day, with maybe an inch or two of snow. light snow will continue off and on through tuesday, with several more inches possible - all from this same system.

attention quickly turns to the next storm slated for mid- to late week. this will produce heavy snow somewhere in the midwest, but for now precip type here remains tricky. rain, ice or snow will all be possible with this one, but as with the current storm, i don't expect to know exactly what will happen until a day or two ahead of time.


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Feb. 26th, 2007 08:55 am (UTC)
snowfall totals
Hey Andy, Nate here. So, when I went to bed late last night, there was let's say 8 inches on my deck railing. But then cuz of the warmth and whatnot, it was like 4 inches this morning. So, how does it get measured? It doesn't seem right to say I only got 4 inches last night. But then to say 8+ seems not quite right, either. I'm confused.
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