on vacation. going to new york tomorrow and then the jersey shore for labor day weekend. can't wait to get the fuck out of here. totally over madison.

madison lake


it's sunny, 69-degree days like these that make me love madison!

woke up at 10 (!!), made huevos rancheros and some delicious bolivian coffee for breakfast, then spent 3 hours soaking up the sun in my old backyard (with sunscreen = no burn & and very nice tan).

met friends at the weary for a late lunch, which involved the walleye sandwich, lemongrass kombucha + vodka and finally coconut flan (with more coffee).

i've been cleaning my apartment ever since. i'm about to devour this asian slaw i threw together, and then i'll finally crash. hard.

it was a fantastic day.
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go to muzzleofbees immediately and download the whitest boy alive's new single, island, shared legally from their upcoming sophomore album. it's EVERYTHING dreams wasn't and then some. i recommend it for walking to school, work or for fun. and just hold onto your pants ~min. 5. seriously.

can't wait for the rest!

this land is our land

i had a couple of favorite parts, like when aretha gave that... performance... after the disgusting pastor warren speech. she a tranny.

also, how 'bout dick bein' wheeled around in his rickety little wheelchair. so fitting.

and then obama. from him walking in to him taking the oath fucked up by the chief justice. and michelle's gold ensemble. and michelle's gaaaay brother. and sasha and malia.

then there was al roker making gay jokes about obama kissing him during the parade.

but seriously, i could've done with much less fucking religion. it made me sick. wish it could be done a little more privately.

'tis a happy day, nonetheless. :)


it's colder in dallas and atlanta now than in wasilla. how 'bout them apples? it's god hugging alaska closer. golly gosh gee whiz darn media, you betcha.

it's gonna be much more tolerable for a few days, starting this weekend, but there's plenty more where this came from later next week. by the end of the month and into at least part of february, it looks like we'll get back into the sort of weather pattern that produced our snowiest december ever. yeah.
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