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i was hoping to do a real (read: pretentious) review of the sold out tv on the radio show i attended last night with kate & adam. however, i enjoyed the festivities so much that i'm virtually braindead at the moment.

i must say that it was likely the most fun i've ever had at a show. bands always say 'madison! you're the best crowd we've had on this tour', but it was 100% believeable when Tunde proclaimed it last night. not only because we were obviously way into it, but also because they were feeding, nay, THRIVING off our energy. it was this whole amazing symbiotic love fest complete with hardcore dancing (by me anyway). speaking of which, Tunde's hip shaking and bizarre arm waving was totally infectious/charming/adorable.

we decided to hit up genna's after the show, which, as you might imagine, was already full of the post-show hipster crowd. we were there for at least an hour when i went to say hey to this kid i barely know. i turned around to point out where i was sitting, only to see adam and kate talking to one of the band members. most of the rest were kinda huddled in the corner, completely surrounded by fans with nothing important to say.

i haven't seen a lot of live music recently, but these guys were definitely the perfect way to start up a run of excellent musicicans making their way to madison. i'm trying not to get too excited about girl talk next week for fear of hyping it too much, but i just KNOW it's gonna be a blast (check out some of his shows on youtube and you'll see what i'm talking about). everyone come. and bring yer dancin' shoes.

speaking of which - iQ is wednesday. mmm.


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Mar. 22nd, 2007 03:11 pm (UTC)
Speaking of TVOTR
Check out my review on Muzzle! Woot!


Not as cool as having the Isthmus link to your blog as a review source, but I'm getting there... ;)

p.s. I can't believe you did 80 yesterday, stud. Impressive.

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